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Q. I currently use rubber bushes, why should I change?

A. The suspension bushes in most road cars are normally made from rubber, a choice usually made on the grounds of cost!

The disadvantages of rubber are; that it degrades quickly and in operation the twisting and or loading action of the bush causes the rubber to bind up, adversely affecting accuracy of component location, varying suspension rate or stiffness and thus reducing efficient operation of suspension.

The polyurethane bush acts as a flexible bearing thus avoiding distortion and significantly improving suspension location and operation with consequent benefits to ride handling & “feel”.

Q. Will I really see a difference if I change from rubber to polyurethane?

A. Autobush Polyurethane bushes have been carefully designed and developed to optimise suspension performance and the improvement in handling is immediately apparent.

Tyre life can be prolonged and noise vibration and harshness may be reduced.

A unique “cross hatching” feature inside the bore of many of the bushes retains lubricant, ensures correct operation over a long period and also prolongs life. Autobush urethane bushes do not degrade in the same way as rubber and the improved performance offered by Autobush is retained for a long period.

Q. Why should I choose Auto Bush over other suppliers?

A. Top quality “Huntsman Corporation” of the USA ( urethanes have been selected to ensure a consistent top quality product – many similar bushes may be a little cheaper but the products used are inferior, shortening life and reducing performance. Autobush bushes have a unique cross hatching feature inside the bore of the bush, retaining lubricant and ensuring the bush operates smoothly over a long period without noise or stiction. Our bushes also have, where appropriate, stainless steel centre sleeves or crush tubes eliminating corrosion and preserving appearance.

Q. Why is Autobush grease important?

A. Polyurethane can chemically decompose rapidly when lubricated with many petroleumbased greases. We care about the lifespan of your new bush fitment and only supply a special grease which has been proven not to have any reaction with polyurethane. It is packed in tube or sachet form for easy application . inferior products may be supplied with an incorrect lubricant or no lubricant at all, which normally results in short term bush failure. we care about your time and money, bush replacement should be required less often when you choose Autobush.

Q. Why is Autobush cross hatching important?

A. Autobush incorporates a 0.5 mm groove in the cross hatching to retain grease. A lip seal is also incorporated into our design to keep grease encapsulated.Retention of lubricant is the only effective way of addressing the sticktion and sqeak issues .Exstensive tests have proven that any lesser depth of cross hatching is ineffective in retaining lubricant with resultant shortening of bush life. Autobush designs ensure your bushes function efficiently for a longer duration.

Q. How much do they cost and how do I fit them?

A. Autobush are competitively priced compared to other quality bushes. The cost varies depending on the model of car you are interested in, ranging from ÂŁ1.85 to ÂŁ9.38, inclusive of VAT. Our bushes are packed in kits but can be purchased separately. Trade customers can benefit from special terms, please contact us for further details.

Special assembly and fitting lubricants are included in every kit making it easy to fit Autobush.

Q. Do I get a guarantee with the product?

A. Yes, all Autobush products are guaranteed against defects caused by faulty materials or manufacture for 2 years from date of purchase. Every Autobush product is individually inspected and measured to ensure the product you receive is exact. Bushes need to fit exactly to deliver optimal performance . Polyurethane can be subject to shrinkage during manufacture so we individually measure every bush to ensure the performance of the product you receive is optimised.

Q. I can’t find my vehicle on your list, why not?

A. Sorry about that. We are constantly adding new applications all the time but if your car application is not listed please send us details giving make, model, variant, year and full details of the bush required. We will do our very best to get it for you.

Q. Can I buy Autobush from an outlet anywhere?

A. Yes, many major specialists are using our product . But our supply via the Internet may be more cost effective.. Please e-mail our details to friends and colleagues if you think they would be interested. Spread the word!

Q. What type of company am I dealing with?

A. The Autobush brand was established in 2006 as part of the well-known TVR and Marcos dealer David Gerald TVR Sportscars Ltd. It is now an independent UK-based limited company under the same enthusiast management and ownership as it was when it was part of David Gerald TVR.