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AUB5060/8 Front wishbone bush set Kit of 8 bushes with 8 stainless steel tubes for front wishbones on all M series cars from 1974 on ( some early cars had a slightly smaller bush ; if you have a 1972 or 73 build car please contact us ) . These bushes are injection moulded in a very dark blue top quality 80 shore hardness polyurethane . They are ideal for road or light competition use and feature a cross hatched centre bore which retains the supplied special lubricant and ensures a long life and quiet operation . Price INCLUDES UK post and packing . £91.68 inc vat . NOTE these bushes also suit the rear of the car where 8 are required for the inner end of the wishbones and a further 8 for the outer end . £76.40 View Image
AUB5070/2 Bonnet frame bush kit Kit of two bushes for the bonnet frame to chassis hinge on all TVR M series models . Kit includes 4 moulded top hats and two stainless steel tubes . Made as to hats these bushes are easy to fit and improve bonnet location .Note the picture shows one bush ; two are included in the kit Price includes UK POST and PACKAGING . £22.56 inc UK vat £18.80 View Image
AUB5060/24 TVR M SERIES COMPLETE CAR KIT Kit of 24 bushes and 24 stainless steel tubes to suit front and rear wishbone to chassis bushes and rear suspension outer bushes on all M series cars from 1973 on ( note some early cars had a slightly smaller od bush ) . Bushes are very dark blue and injection moulded in a high quality urethane . Come with fitting /opertation lubricant which is retained in the cross hatched centre bore to ensure long life and quiet operation . Material is 80 shore hardness which is ideal for road or light competition use. Price includes UK post and packing ( shipment to EU is 17.50 GB pounds ) Price inc vat is £247.68 SAVES 10% OVER INDIVIDUAL FRONT AND REAR KITS. £206.40 View Image