Austin Healey
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AUB6003 ENGINE MOUNTING Pair of engine mounts with polyurethane rather than rubber as the suspension medium.Replaces oe part number AHA5484 . Much stronger than rubber and indistinguishable when fitted from oe as the poly is black . Reduces engine movement but may slightly increase noise & vibration transmitted to the body . Very well proven over 3 years in race car applications .Price includes UK P & p £59.78 inc vat £49.98 View Image
AUB5081-2 FRONT LOWER WISHBONE KIT Set of 4 bushes for the inner lower front wishbones . Kit includes 8 top hats , ( with our unique croos hatched bores to retain lubricant and ensure quiet , long lasting operation ) 4 stainless steel crush tubes and fitting lubricant . Price includes UK post and packing. £54.72 inc VAT £45.60
AUB5095 FRONT TRUNNION UPPER KIT Car set of 4 top hats with spacing washers and fitting lubricant .The lubricant eases fitment and ensures long life and quiet operation. Bushes are injection moulded for accuracy and consistancy.Materiel grade is 80 shore hardness which is ideal for fast road or light completion. Price includes UK post and packing. £19.56 inc UK VAT. £16.30 View Image
AUB5280 REAR SPRING EYE BUSH Kit comprising 2 bushes for the rear spring eyes on Austin Healey Sprite Mk 1 ( Frogeye ) and Mk2 which have the quarter elliptic rear spring . Bushes are made in 80 shore hardness poly and each bush comprises two top hats for ease of fitment and one stainless steel sleeve . The supplied lubricant ensures quiet operation and long life and also assists installation. See the MG section for front suspension kits for the Sprite The price includes UK post and packing . £38.40 inc UK VAT £32.00
AUB5098K RADIUS ARM BUSH KIT Kit of four bushes which go in the radius arm of the Mk1 and Mk2 Sprite ( and Mk 1 Midget ) in the kit .Made as one piece a bobbin bush in a top quality black polyurethane these bushes will improve rear axle location .Each bush has a stainless steel centre tube and comes with fitting/operation lubricant . Replaces OE part number 2A7278 . See also our part number AUB5280 for the rear spring eye bushes Kit costs £84.60 inc UK post packing and VAT for a kit of FOUR £70.50 View Image