Vixen ,Grantura Mk3 & 4,Griffith 200 &400
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AUB5062 Anti roll bar to chassis bush Pair of anti roll bar to chassis bushes ; suits 17.3 mm ( 11/16 in ) diameter anti roll bar ( sway bar ) Cente bore is cross hatched to retain the supplied grease and to ensure long life and quiet operation..Price includes UK post and packing.Note these bushes are BLACK £15.36 inc UK VAT. £12.80
AUB5070/16 Car kit of wishbone to chassis bushes Car kit of wish bone to chassis bushes to suit TVR Grantura mk 3 ,mk 4 ,1800S Vixen S1 to S3 ( sse M series for Vixen S4 ) , Tuscan V6 , Griffith 200 and 400 and Tuscan V8 .Kit comprises 32 top hats and 16 stainless steel tubes . Bushes are made as top hats in a very dark blue high quality 80 shore hardness polyurethane which is injection moulded for accuracy and are suitable for road and light competition use. Bushes have cross hatched centre bore to retain the supplied lubricant thus ensuring long life and quiet operation . £173.76 inc UK post and packing and vat. Price saves 5% over individual front and rear kits . NOTE Picture shows only FRONT or REAR kit . Product list here comprises twice the illustrated quantity . £144.80 View Image
AUB5070/8 Front or rear wishbone bush kit. Kit of 8 bushes ( 16 top hats ) with 8 stainless tubes for either front or rear wishbones on TVR Grantura Mk3 ,Mk 4 ,1800S ,Griffith 200 , Griffith 400 Vixen S1 ,S2 ,S3 ( see M series for Vixen S4 ) , Tuscan V6 , Tuscan V8. Made in a very dark blue 80 shore hardness these bushes are injection moulded for accuracy and feature a cross hatched centre bore which retains the supplied lubricant and ensures long life and quiet operation .Ideal for road or light competition use . Price includes UK Post and packaging £96.00 inc UK vat . NOTE ; if you require bushes for the outer ends of the rear wishbones please contact us to discuss options . £80.00 View Image