Bushes - it’s more than a hobby... it’s a passion.

Autobush Poly Bushes offer a significant improvement to your vehicle over and above traditional rubber bushes.

As well as improved ride, handling and 'feel', you can expect prolonged tyre life, together with reduced noise and vibration.

You care about your car. You know that attention to detail is everything. You want to maximise your driving experience with improved ride and handling.

Autobush designs are superior with deep internal cross hatching and a lip seal to retain lubricant (see FAQ for more details)

Autobush quality control is superior with every piece measured and inspected prior to packing (see FAQ for more details)

Autobush only supplies stainless steel crush tubes. We care about anti corrosion in your car. (see FAQ for more details)

Autobush only supplies a special US manufactured silicon based grease proven not to cause the chemical decomposition of polyurethane. (see FAQ for more details)

Autobush uses Huntsman polyurethane raw materials. (see FAQ for more details)

Autobush guarantees its products (see FAQ for more details). If you have purchased our product from Rimer Bros, MGB Hive Ltd, or others our Warranty will be valid provided our fitting instructions have been adhered to.

The devil's in the detail... fit Autobush.